Modern family

Every thursday our english teacher will give us a topic to write about, so I didnt choose this topic myself. 

Some thursdays we have been watching Modern family, which is a comedy series. The series follow a different parts of a family, but we also see the whole picture of the family. The different parts of the family are:

#1- Phil, Claire, Haley, Alex and luke

#2- Jay, Gloria and Manny

#3- Mitchell, Cameron and Lily.

So far, the series is 7 seasons long, but we have only watched episodes from season 1 to 3. Ill be giving you my perspective on how the series shows how a modern family is versus how I see a modern family. 

I think the series perspective on how a modern family is presented is pretty accurate. Im sure the typical families in USA or England are different from Norwegian families, but after I think the series present the family pretty much how they actually are. The way Haley is obsessed with boys and her phone is exactly how most Norwegian girls are. And the way Phil tries to be the cool dadis pretty accurate to. Of course there are differences, no family is exactly like another, but in my opinion it is as close as youll get. 


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